Share an experience for Mother's Day


Rather than get your mother a bunch of flowers, a new plant or a box of chocolates. Why not treat her to tickets to one of our Maritime Mingle events? You will be supporting our charity and giving her a gift. Shared experiences are a gift that last a lifetime. You could buy yourself a ticket too.

We've got some interesting events coming up this year. Perhaps she loves to discuss the weather? Listening to Chris Bell's talk on weather forecasting techniques might suit her. Does she love the North Norfolk saltmarsh? Tim Jickells OBE talk on the intertidal saltmarsh could be the event for her. A cocktail queen? Then the informative historical journey of rum and gin might be the event for her, it will be like no other event as the Blackshuck masterclass will be a revelation.

Take a look at the Maritime Mingle events list, you might just see the perfect event for your mother.