About us

Four enthusiasts based in North Norfolk - boat builders David Hewitt and George Hewitt, and working wooden boat owners Graeme Peart and Wendy Pritchard - decided in 2010 to set up a charitable trust called 'Rescue Wooden Boats', which was formed in 2011. Its purpose is:

To acquire, restore, maintain and use examples of heritage maritime wooden working craft and in so doing, tell their stories through the people who crewed them, and provide education about their history, construction, maintenance and use, as well as about the crafts involved in all of these.

Who is involved now?

We have nine trustees who guide the charity's work, many with hands-on involvement. See details of our trustees here.

We have a team of volunteers and staff who between them keep the show on the road.

What have we done and what are our plans?

See a short summary of our track record here 

How to find the Rescue Wooden Boats Maritime Heritage Centre