Lucy Lavers photographs

Lucy Lavers new life afloat

Following her return from Dunkirk, Lucy Lavers now lives in Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk where she gives occasional pre-booked educational trips.
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Return to Dunkirk

Lucy Lavers made the return journey to Dunkirk from Wells-next-the-Sea to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Operation Dynamo - the evacution of troops from the Dunkirk beaches in May 1940

Leg 1: Wells to Lowestoft. See Gallery

Leg 2: Lowestoft to Aldeburgh. See Gallery

Leg 3: Aldeburgh to Levington/Harwich. See Gallery

Leg 4: Harwich to Ramsgate. See Gallery

Leg 5: Ramsgate to Dunkirk. See Gallery

Leg 6: Dunkirk to Ramsgate. See Gallery

Leg 7: Ramsgate to Harwich. See Gallery

Leg 8: Harwich to Lowestoft. See Gallery

Leg 9: Lowestoft to Wells-next-the-Sea



Lucy Lavers served as the No.2 lifeboat at Aldeburgh for 19 years after which she became a relief Lifeboat at Wells-next-the-Sea and elsewhere on the East Coast.

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Post-RNLI working life

In 1968 Lucy Lavers retired from the RNLI.

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Lucy Lavers stripped

In 1997 Lucy Lavers was retired and largely stripped for the restoration of another lifeboat.

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Arrival at Stiffkey

Lucy Lavers was delivered to the Hewitt's boatyard in Stiffkey on June 23rd 2010.

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Restoration of the hull

George Hewitt and Ben Riches worked together to restore Lucy Lavers' hull back to its former glory.

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Restoration of the canopy

Building the canopy is a slow, delicate process for David Hewitt. The canopy is like building a boat but starts with the frame and then the double diagonal mahogany to cover it.

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Restoration other

The restoration of Lucy Lavers at the Stiffkey boatyard has been carried out by David Hewitt, George Hewitt and Ben Middleton.

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