Terry Bailey

Terry Bailey

Terence (Terry) Richard Bailey, 1946 - 2013

  • Terry Bailey has generously left his boats and engines to Rescue Wooden Boats.

    His sister-in-law Elizabeth writes:

    "Terry was born in Sibton, Suffolk where he spent the early part of his life, before moving with his family to Hunworth, Norfolk, at the age of eight.

    "Terry was part of a large family, with 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  Hunworth provided endless opportunities for growing boys to explore.  They played on the common, climbed trees and carved their initials on the trunks.  They played in the river, caught sticklebacks, made dams, & occasionally, if the water was deep enough, they would even swim.

    "After leaving school Terry went to work on Stody Estate, where he worked for a number of years.  Later he became a painter working on various RAF camps in Norfolk, before moving to Cawston Wineries, where he was a handyman and carried out a variety of roles.

    "When all the brothers and sisters had left home, Terry continued to live in the family home. Eventually, as Terry’s parents grew older, much of the caring fell on Terry’s shoulders; so life at home was far from easy.

    "After both parents had died, Terry lived alone; he cooked and cleaned for himself and was very proud of his Yorkshire puddings.

    "Terry’s enjoyment came from messing about in his boats.  He spent hours tinkering at Morston, from where he would motor out to Blakeney Pit, and he also spent many hours at the boatyard, first at Blakeney and then at Stiffkey.

    "Terry developed cancer of the stomach and fought this with great courage.  He had two major operations, seven years apart.  The fact that he continued to live in his own at home until six days before he died shows his determination and strength of character.

    "Terry showed a great interest in the Rescue Wooden Boats charity, and bequeathed his cabin boat and tender Beatrice James to the charity.  The family is delighted to think that his old marine engines may also be used in the museum at Stiffkey".