We are very grateful to many people in helping us to start up Rescue Wooden Boats and enabling us to get this far. These include:

Andy Frary for giving us his crab boat Black Beauty.

The Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust for giving us Lucy Lavers via Graeme Peart.

The current crew of Aldeburgh lifeboat station who collected our starter donation for restoring Lucy Lavers and enabled us to open a bank account.

Graeme Peart for giving us whelker Harvester.

Ernie Dewhurst for giving us crab boat Star.

Bernard Thain for giving us Pegasus and delivering her to Norfolk.

Cyril Southerland for giving us his Mussel Flat built by Vic Pratt.

Mark Harrison for re-furbishing and leasing us the Visitor Centre.

Jeremy Brettingham Smith for his filming and editing.

Phil Chapman for generously designing our letterhead and leaflet.

James Dodds for permitting us to use his wonderful triptych painting as our logo.

Nicky Rowbottom for interpretation writing.